Chakra Rebalance Meditation

End of Year Chakra Rebalance Meditation

This time of year we all feel a little reflective, fair to say this one especially. When we are in the home stretch to Christmas the spiritual energies around the winter solstice bring a poignient stillness and so if you find yourself yearning for some quiet you are feeling this brewing.

It is, as a result the perfect time to use all of this hightened connection to work on your own energy and balance before moving into the fresh start of 2021.

I would usually offer this to you in person over a cuppa and a mince pie in our glorious sanctuary, sadly this is more complicated this year and so it has not been possible. BUT I didn’t want you to miss out.

I am currently in the mist of writing new classes for next year and so haven’t had a chance to re-record this from a few years back, so please excuse some of the first blurb as some of it is no longer relevant- but the meditation is so please feel free to use this over the next week. I hope you enjoy x


** This has now expired