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So really, what is hypnotherapy; Hypnotherapy is a concentrated and relaxed state that allows the focus of a particular idea, concept or lifestyle adaptation.

It is also a sensation you already experience twice a day …when you are drifting off into sleep and that bit between sleeping and waking fully, you know you’re not asleep but also not awake.

Our subconscious makes up around 88% of our complete mind, the conscious is around 12%.

While our conscious mind analyses, thinks and plans and holds our short term memory (around 7 thoughts at one time)- our subconscious is responsible for long term memory,emotions and feelings, habits, relationship patterns, addictions, involuntary body functions, creativity,developmental stages, spiritual connection and intuition.

So in short our subconscious mind holds all of the information that is responsible for forming our behaviours, hypnotherapy allows us direct access to this powerful part of the brain.

A trained hypnotherapist can guide a client into this relaxed state and can comminuicate directly to the subconscious mind with suggestions and ideas reprogramming it.

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