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Read our Guided Meditation news to find out more about these are visual guided journeys to aid relaxation, empowerment and spiritual awareness.

There are many different meanings and explanations for the word ‘meditation’.

The Latin ‘ Meditor’ means to think or consider, the Sanskrit word for meditation ‘Madha’ means wisdom. Meditation is a state of consciousness in which a person goes deep within themselves focussing the mind and eliminating outside influences to produce a state of deep peace and relaxation.

After this deep quiet ending of the mind, an ability to listen to one’s own thoughts and preserve the mind, body and spirit is produced. Once this is achieved, you can move deeper into expanding the spiritual awareness.

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Springtime Awakening- Guided Meditation Class for Energy and Confidence

Feeling Grey and a little flat??Are you counting down the days till Spring? Read on this could be for you...Refresh your Energy and Confidence while enjoying Nature Inspired Guided Meditations [...]

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