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How Aura Photography works

An aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, encompasses and permeates the body, as well as all living things. The colours and patterns within this energy field provide a blueprint of our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. An aura camera capture’s a person’s energy as bursts of colour and light crowning their head like a halo.

The Aura Photography Session

An aura reading and reporting session typically lasts about 20-30 minutes.

To capture the aura in our photos, we use a special biofeedback hand sensor that hooks up to our camera and reporting software. The system is built to measure your body’s electromagnetic energy directly from the meridian points in your hand. Either hand can be used. The hand is held on the sensor for a full minute.

Each colour holds unique meaning, as does the size of the aura. The placement of the colours within the aura also add another layer of meaning.

The steps are outlined below.

What are the benefits of getting an Aura Reading and Report done?

Although our aura imaging technology can’t fix emotional ailments, it can serve as an essential guide to one’s path to improved balance and overall wellness.

By providing you with an easy-to-understand interpretation of aura-chakra energies, you equip yourself with insight to better understand your mind, body and spiritual well-being.

How often should you get an Aura Image and Report done?

It is always a good idea to gain insight on one’s physical, emotional and spiritual energy. We suggest getting a quarterly reading (every 3-4 months), depending on one’s individual needs, some people stretch this to every 6 months.

As human beings, we are in a constant state of evolution. Awareness of our energy provides powerful insight into adjustments we can make to become more authentic versions of ourselves.

Aura Photography
Aura Photography