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Atlantean & Shamanic Paddles

The Atlantean Paddles are multidimensional healing tools which were channelled by Frank Alper between 1984-1986.

Atlantean Healing
Atlantean Healing
Atlantean Healing

Atlantean Healing Heritage

Frank Alper was a much loved spiritual pioneer, teacher and author. Frank had a direct connection with his Soul (Adamis) and in the latter half of his life made it his mission to help reconnect others with a full integration of their personality and soul.

Frank is is known by many for his channellings, teachings and books including the trilogy of books on Exploring Atlantis.

He also founded Energenetics®, a technique to alter cells in the brainstem to clear and prevent mental, emotional and physical patterns as well as ancestral and genetic imprints. Today his unique methods of healing and counselling continue to spread globally and are being used by doctors, therapists and light workers all over the planet today.

The Atlanean paddles have been slowly reintroduced by Blue Marsden (Soul Plan)to a select number of Soul Transformation Therapists (to date less than 30 who live in Japan, Germany and the U.K.) as he felt it was the right time for these powerful tools to be ‘re-rememebered’ with the onset of the magnetic age of Aquarius.

How does Atlantean Healing Work?

The paddles are multi-dimensional shamanic wands that create portals in time and space, in order to create energetic shifts and mind/body/spirit healing.

The paddles combine magnetic energies with colour ray vibrations focussing through universal symbols (triangles) and are used in many different ways, around the body and energetic field. They serve to balance many conditions with their geometric form and colour.

“The Paddles were used by the ancient Atlanteans, they combine the energy of magnetics and the frequencies of colour to create specific energy fields that align the chakras, balance chi meridians and remove possessions and serve as an excellent healing transfer agent.” Frank and Katharina Alper.

An Atlantean/Shamanic Healing session would be great for:

  • Clearing stubborn past life limitations
  • Activating the latent 13-4 (Divine Mother Energy) in Soul Plan
  • Removing deep emotional wounds
  • Reconnecting people with latent talents
  • Goddess Activation
What a Session would Involve:
  • Some counselling around the presenting issue.
  • An exploration and diagnosis of the deeper issue and the energy centres/chakras involved.
  • A healing session (usually this lasts 15 minutes)
  • 10 minutes of Vibrational Sound Healing- this may include Atlantean chants/Atlantean Gong/Alchemy Crystal bowls (to allow the healing to integrate)
  • 10 minutes feedback including a three card energy read. This will include what’s been healed, what you need to do and where things are going if you do.